Naveen Malik - South Dakota District 31 House Representative Candidate

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Dear District 31,

I have a vision for a South Dakota that leads the nation in clean governance and ethical politics - one where anyone in South Dakota, regardless of background can participate and serve a public that has faith in our elected leaders.  I believe in a free, open, fair, and ethical democracy where everyone can participate regardless of how rich or poor he or she is.  We can get there, but we must pass laws and regulations that reform our politics and governance, including; campaign finance reform, election reform, as well as lobbying reform and term limits.  We must get outside money, dark money, and big money out of our politics and government.  After creating the right laws and policies, we must work hard to enforce those rules and prosecute violators in order to restore faith and integrity in our civic and electoral systems.  I truly believe if we can craft a system that is fair and just, we can tackle any issue regardless of party or politics because I believe the right people will want to serve, and the wrong people will be deterred.  

A foundational element of my platform will be open government and transparency.  I was just as shocked as everyone when Initiated Measure 22 was passed by a majority of voters in South Dakota, and then repealed in an emergency session by the Governor and the state legislature.  In fact, this singular issue is why I am running for office - to make sure that never happens again.  We need elected officials who take their oath to serve the public seriously, and who respect the will of the citizens of Lawrence County/District 31.  If we can't have legislators who will respect our democratic process - especially when the voters have spoken - we need to elect new officials who will.   Remember, our votes matter!!!

I am running to ensure a choice to the constituents of District 31.  We can either send back the same officials who disrespected our constitutional right to direct democracy, or we can select a slate of new candidates.  Yes, it may be difficult to vote for someone who is "new".  But, think about the alternative.  Do we want to reward those legislators who blatantly disregarded our vote by sending them back to Pierre?  I don't believe we should.  I take seriously, the obligation of your trust and faith should I become your representative.  I hope you will consider supporting my candidacy. 

If you would like to learn more about my policy platform, click on the issues tab above.  

If you're ready to join my campaign, text "IMATTER" to 605-644-6942.  Thank you!


Very Respectfully,

-Naveen Malik 

Spearfish, South Dakota