• Our district relies on tourism for economic development, which is why we must pass environmental regulations to keep the Black Hills beautiful!  I am a strong proponent of a clean environment.  I believe in Climate Change and am committed to limiting the kinds of pollution that affect the Black Hills most - namely, from mining.  
  • I am against awarding sole-source contracts, especially to mining companies without a track record of impeccable environmental stewardship.  
  • I support the growth of green industries including wind and solar energy because they can bring good jobs to the district.  However, I am adamantly opposed to wind farms being placed in areas that ruin the scenic beauty of our pristine lands!  The public should have a say in where they will be placed.  I would seek to pass legislation that ensured voters have a say in where energy projects could be placed.  
  • I will be a staunch advocate of environmental protection for the preservation of the Black Hills.