• I believe students should be able to go to college and graduate without crippling debt.  As a graduate student myself, I am extremely dedicated to funding and increasing educational opportunities for all students so that they can graduate and still start a life/family afterward.  
  • I believe teachers are extremely underpaid.  I am for increasing teacher and professor pay at all schools in the district, including BHSU, where outstanding faculty have taught me.  They all deserve raises!   
  • I believe there should be options for those who can't or won't go to college for a bachelor's degree. I am for expanding vocational and technical training for those who don't want a 4-year degree. 
  • Lastly, I am passionate about expanding research opportunities in conjunction with Sanford Underground Research Facility for students at BHSU, and developing a pipeline of trained scientists and researchers who can go to work right out of college and get skills which can propel them into higher education.  
  • I believe we are suffering from "brain drain" and we must address the problem.  Science and tech are two industries that will grow if nurtured. We need to keep our best and brightest in the area, by providing them with opportunities that match their skill sets.  I believe that if we invest in them now, they will come back to the Black Hills and invest in us later.   
  • We must invest in bio and tech business incubators 
  • It is critical for us to maintain our EPSCOR/BRIN grants through the NIH that fund scientific research at BHSU.  
  • I propose raising corporate taxes - which are some of the lowest in the entire country - by 1%, to pay for increased spending on college tuition for students, increased teacher pay, expanding research opportunities, and establishing biotech incubators.  [1]


1) Tax Foundation 2018